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China Airlines "Dynasty" In-flight Magazine Wins APEX Award of Excellence

2016 Jul 05

China Airlines' "Dynasty" in-flight magazine has won the Award of Excellence for magazines and periodicals from the 2016 US Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX). The award shines an international spotlight on the spirit of cultural creativity present in Taiwan.

The "Dynasty" in-flight magazine was overhauled in 2015 as part of the NexGen program. A different theme is chosen for each issue and is presented through the cover story and in-depth interviews that take readers on a tour of different cultures around the world. The magazine also offered features on celebrities talking about aesthetics, contemporary trends and Taiwanese culture. Upon its release it was well received by travelers. In the January 2016 issue, for example, the cover story explored the theme of embarking on a new year. The launch of China Airlines' first international route in 1966 became the starting point for a tracing of the origins of Western and Eastern civilizations; how the birth of the first computer changed modern lifestyles; how the first pair of jeans completely redefined the meaning of fashion; and welcoming in the first rays of 2016 to mark a brand new beginning.

The US APEX Awards are now in their 28th year. The judges, made up of editors from well-known publications, focus on recognizing publications that demonstrate excellence in artistic design and editorial content. The winning of the 2016 Apex Award of Excellence is a first for China Airlines'; in-flight magazine and represents strong approval of the revamped "Dynasty."

China Airlines was also named a "Gold Trusted Brand" of 2016 by "Reader's Digest Asia", making it the only airline in Asia to have won the award for 18 consecutive years; The "Reader's Digest" Trusted Brand Survey has been held annually since 1998. China Airlines introduced the NexGen program in 2014 to bring Asian lifestyle aesthetics into the cabin, give the aviation industry a completely new look, and usher in a new era dominated by new mindsets and innovative services at China Airlines.

According to the authoritative Dutch news website Telegraaf, China Airlines is now ranked No. 6 among Dutch travelers' 10 most favorite airlines. Telegraf's "Top 10 airlines among Dutch consumers" is based on statistics compiled by the popular Dutch airline ticket price comparison website "Vliegnaar". China Airlines was the only Taiwanese airline to be included in the top 10. The reasons for China Airlines' popularity include spacious seats that offer sufficient legroom and delicious in-flight meals."The very attentive in-flight service in Economy Class made flying with China Airlines an unforgettable journey."(2016/07/05)