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China Airlines Included in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for First Time

2016 Sep 09

In 2016, China Airlines took part in the selection process of The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), a joint venture between S&P Dow Jones Indices and RobecoSAM, a Swiss sustainability asset management firm. The demonstrated excellence of China Airlines in overall sustainability performance means it was included as a constituent stock in the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index, making China Airlines the first in Taiwan and the only airline in emerging markets to be so included.

As China Airlines has long invested in sustainable development and governance, the award represents recognition by international investors of the hard work and commitment from all employees. It also boosts confidence in our ability to further improve our sustainability performance. The DJSI tracks the global top 2500 enterprises by market value each year. This year, 28 international airlines were invited to take part with seven benchmark airlines finally selected. China Airlines was the only airline to be selected in the Emerging Markets Index. A total of 811 enterprises from around the world were invited to take part in this particular index and 95 were selected including 18 from Taiwan. The selection of China Airlines is a first for Taiwan's aviation industry. It not only represents a new milestone in the sustainable development of Taiwan's aviation and transportation industries but also draws international attention to the sustainability of Taiwan's transportation services.

During the DJSI evaluation process, China Airlines scored above the industry average in 17 of the 19 indicators spread across economic, environmental and social aspects. Company practices for "supply chain management, credibility, environmental policy and management systems, environmental reporting, human resource development, labor practices and social reporting" in particular were the best in the industry. Such a performance shows that China Airlines embracing of sustainable development and governance in recent years has begun to produce results and achieve international recognition. We are therefore even more convinced that sustainability governance is the correct way forward for the company.

In the future, China Airlines will continue to adopt a humble attitude in strengthening and implementing sustainable development operations, enhancing our corporate governance and stakeholder communication operations, upgrading our sustainable growth in all areas, and taking the interests of all stakeholders as well as society and the environment into account as we pursue further growth. For more information regarding the accomplishments of China Airlines in sustainable development please visit the China Airlines Sustainability website (http://calec.china-airlines.com/csr/index.html)and Corporate Social Responsibility Report ( http://calec.china-airlines.com/csr/report.html ). (2016/09/09)