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China Airlines "Return to the Beauty of Taiwan" Float Wins Top Prize at 2017 Rose Parade

2017 Jan 03

The 128th Rose Parade was launched with much fanfare in the city of Pasadena on January 2, 2017. China Airlines' entry "Return to the Beauty of Taiwan" won the International Trophy again this year. The float, featuring the Syrmaticus Mikado and the Taiwan barbet in its role as the "A350 Flying Ambassador" showcased the natural treasures of Taiwan to the entire world.。

Taiwan's fame as a bird-watching destination led to China Airlines choosing the endemic Syrmaticus Mikado and Taiwan barbet along with decorative wild lilies as the design motifs for the float which was 55 feet long, 30 feet high and 18 feet wide. The Syrmaticus Mikado, which is also the name of the first China Airlines A350 liveried aircraft, appears in all of its majestic elegance surrounded by a riot of colors provided by nearly 30,000 roses, lilies and strawflowers. Six dancers engaged enthusiastically with the audience to convey New Year's greetings for 2017, welcoming them to explore the beauty of Formosa for themselves.

China Airlines, as a long-time supporter of green energy and environmental protection, has embraced sustainable development as its corporate mission. The design philosophy of the float reflects China Airlines' respect for nature as well. The display of plants and fauna unique to Taiwan’s rich ecology such as the Syrmaticus Mikado, Taiwan barbet and wild lily symbolizes the tremendous success of Taiwan's environmental conservation efforts. This in turn perfectly complements the theme of "Echoes of Success" at the Rose Parade this year.

China Airlines has participated in the Rose Parade every year since 1987 and strives to create an original float design each time. This year marked the 31st time that China Airlines has taken part in the festival and it is also the only airline to win an award. This year, China Airlines has once again partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Bureau to let Taiwan shine on the international stage. This will hopefully draw more travelers to come and experience the beauty of Taiwan. (2017/01/03)