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China Airlines Celebrates Inaugural Flight of "Buddy Bears Liveried Aircraft" to Kumamoto

2017 May 26

The most healing liveried aircraft in the world is coming! The China Airlines "Buddy Bears Liveried Aircraft" featuring Taiwan and Japan's superstar cartoon bears OhBear (Taiwan), Hero (Kaohsiung) and Kumamon (Kumamoto) made its first Kaohsiung-Kumamoto flight today. Everything from the external appearance of the aircraft to the onboard supplies all featured ultra-cute designs based on the three bears. The China Airlines "Buddy Bears Liveried Aircraft" will be regularly assigned to the Kaohsiung-Kumamoto route. Bear fans are invited to "Play with the Buddy Bears!"

To celebrate the first flight of the liveried aircraft, festive celebrations were held at Kaohsiung International Airport and Kumamoto Airport. President of China Airlines, Hsieh,Su-chien also welcomed the 158 passengers on the first flight in the company of Taiwan's OhBear and Kaohsiung's Hero. At Kumamoto Airport in Japan, passengers were welcomed by Kumamon as well.The three popular bears are featured on the fuselage of the China Airlines 737-800. Personalized boarding passes, special commemorative luggage tags and the onboard supplies featured the cute three-bear design as well. Much to their delight, passengers on the first flight also received the exclusive "Buddy Bear Travel Pillow."

The China Airlines "Buddy Bears Liveried Aircraft" has a specially designed aircraft livery in which the OhBear, Hero and Kumamon all appear together for the first time welcoming passengers in front of famous landmarks from Kaohsiung and Kumamoto. The liveried aircraft will be regularly assigned to the Kaohsiung-Kumamoto round- trip flight and exclusive three-bear products are used through the aircraft including specially-designed headrest covers, paper cups, hug pillows, playing cards, wet tissues, children's toys, eco-friendly shopping bags in non-woven textile and exclusive in-flight pre-orders. The in-flight menu includes bear paw-shaped cakes in the Business Class, bear paw-shaped dorayaki in the Economy Class, along with China Airlines' classic railway lunch box for the enjoyment of passengers' eyes and taste buds.

President of China Airlines, Su-chien Hsieh said that Kumamoto Prefecture is an important agricultural region in Kyushu with spectacular natural views. The Kaohsiung-Kumamoto service consists of 3 flights a week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday) and China Airlines is the only airline in Taiwan to offer direct flights. The recent drop in the value of yen has boosted Taiwanese willingness to visit Japan. China Airlines flights from Kaohsiung to five destinations in Japan (Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Kumamoto, Okinawa) achieve load-factors of up to 80% during the peak season, providing ample proof of the Japan market's high potential and strong demand.

China Airlines is now actively developing the market for departures from southern Taiwan. Tainan flies to 2 destinations (Hong Kong, Osaka), while Kaohsiung flies to 19 destinations including Shanghai-Pudong, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Beijing, Changsha, Chongqing, Nanchang, Seoul-Incheon, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Kumamoto, and Okinawa. Among all the Taiwanese carriers, China Airlines offers the most destinations and seats for passengers in southern Taiwan. (2017/05/26)