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China Airlines Hosts AAPA Annual Conference to Promote Asia-Pacific Aviation Industry

2017 Oct 25

The 2017 Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) Assembly of Presidents was held with much fanfare in Taipei today. China Airlines Chairman Nuan-hsuan Ho said that Taiwan is an important backbone of the Asia-Pacific region. China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan and has worked with the government on many projects aimed at raising the international visibility of Taiwan. We are very honored to co-host the event with the AAPA. The hosting of this important event in the international aviation industry will no doubt give a boost to the cultural, economic and trade developments of Taiwan.

The opening ceremony for the AAPA Assembly of Presidents was held in the morning at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei. Welcoming speeches were delivered by AAPA Director-General Andrew Herdman, China Airlines Chairman Nuan-hsuan Ho and Taiwan Visitors Association President Chu-lan Yeh to the 16 Asia-Pacific member airlines in attendance.

The AAPA is a regional international organization formed by airlines from the Asia-Pacific region. It was founded in 1966 by China Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Korean Air and Malaysian Airlines, and is the most representative civil aviation in the region. The AAPA has long represented the interests of Asia-Pacific airlines and exerts a collective influence on the global civil aviation industry. It therefore plays a critical role in the development of the aviation industry.

During his speech, Chairman Ho said that to provide travelers with better services and implements its fleet revitalization strategy, China Airlines has acquired a fleet of ten Boeing 777 aircraft and taken delivery of 14 Airbus A350-900 aircraft since September 2016. The B777 and A350 have achieved widespread acclaim and won many design awards thanks to cabin designs that highlight the vitality and fresh new brand image of China Airlines.

Chairman Ho noted that China Airlines has recently signed strengthened its cooperation with Airbus and Boeing to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of Taiwan’s aircraft maintenance, engineering and technical training capabilities. China Airlines also became the first Taiwanese carrier to sign the Buckingham Palace Declaration to combat the trade in illegal wildlife. These recent initiatives at China Airlines reflect the airline’s commitment to the promoting the development of the aviation industry and sustainability.

In her speech, President Yeh said that Taiwan is not only a popular destination for international travelers but also a key source of travelers for Korea, Japan and other countries. The Taiwan Visitors Association has always served as a bridge between the industry and the government. The Association's functions include the integration of industry resources as well as communication and coordination. It therefore hopes to continue working with AAPA member airlines and guests to connect Taiwan with the rest of the world through tourism, travel and cultural exchange. The world will hopefully discover Taiwan in return.

China Airlines owes much to other contributors for the success of this aerospace industry event. They include Airbus, Amadeus, ATR, Bank of Taiwan, BOC Aviation, Boeing, CPC, Chinatrust Bank, First Bank, FPC, GE, HSBC, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, UnionPay credit card processing center, Panasonic, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Sabre, Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism, Taiwan Visitors Association. (2017/10/25)