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2018 China Airlines Calendar Brings Taiwan to the World

2017 Nov 08

The new-look China Airlines 2018 Calendar with the theme “The Soaring Beauty of Taiwan” is here. Six hand-picked artworks from homegrown Taiwanese artists show how the masters used their paint brushes to carefully and methodically capture the beauty of Taiwan from their respective eras, in the same way that China Airlines brings travelers from around the world through the air to experience the cultural beauty of Taiwan.

This year’s calendar features the solar calendar alongside the paintings. The changing of the seasons is used to illustrate the different aspects of Taiwan. January and February are defined by the Chinese New Year. “The Dawn in Eastern Port” uses festive colors to capture the warmth of traditional Taiwanese fishing villages; March and April is the coming of spring so “Jiufen” depicts the rural landscape through minute changes in lighting and warm, soft colors; May and June as well as July and August are represented by “The Dusk in Shoushan” and “Lanyu.”A bold and rich palette fill out the passion of summer; September and October belongs to autumn so “The Yard of the Tainan Tenkung Shrine” uses earthly tones to express a sense of nostalgia; for November and December, the painter’s knife and thick oils bring the icy beauty of “Yushan” to life. In addition to showcasing the beauty of Taiwan through art, China Airlines is also bringing Taiwan to the world through aviation.

The annual calendars of China Airlines have always generated widespread anticipation and attention. It is also popular among calendars. Between 1990 and 2006, the calendars featured paintings of landscapes, flowers, birds and portraits from the National Palace Museum collection as well as the works of local artists; in 2007, the first calendar featuring photo portraits was released in collaboration with famous models. Portrait photography then became the chosen theme for the calendar over the next ten years; in 2017, pilots, maintenance engineers, air and ground crews were featured in the calendar for the first time under the theme of “Your Journey, Our People.” This representation of professionalism and commitment among China Airlines employees was well-received. As 2018 approaches, artworks were chosen to convey the diversity and vitality of Taiwan. The calendar will attract both local and international attention to “The Soaring Beauty of Taiwan.” It will also embody the role of China Airlines as the flag bearer of Taiwan's cultural heritage. (2017/11/8)