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China Airlines and NORDAM Aerospace Group Form Joint Venture in Taiwan - Ho Nuan-hsuan Named Founding Chairman of NORDAM Asia

2017 Nov 14

China Airlines and the US-based NORDAM Aerospace Group announce today (11/14) the launch of the composite maintenance company “NORDAM Asia Limited” in Taiwan. Chairman Ho Nuan-hsuan of China Airlines will be the acting chairman of the new company with NORDAM Vice-Chairman and COO T. Hastings Siegfried as the vice-chairman. The joint venture is expected to stimulate industry investment, cultivate aerospace maintenance expertise and create new jobs in Taiwan.

China Airlines Chairman Ho Nuan-hsuan and NODAM Vice-Chairman and COO T. Hastings Siegfried signed the contract for the joint venture during a ceremony held at NORDAM headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, on the morning of November 13 local time (November 14 in Taipei). The contract-signing was witnessed by NORDAM CEO Meredith Siegfried, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and industry representatives.

According to Chairman Ho, the government has designated the aviation industry as one of the key components of the “5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan.” China Airlines therefore considers promoting the growth and profitability of related industries to be its duty and is keenly aware of the important role it plays in industry development. The new aircraft maintenance joint venture will hopefully kick-start the aerospace industry in Taiwan. Apart from the boost it will give to the components and parts industry, it should also energize related manufacturing industries as well. This will in turn lead to new market opportunities and closer links between the domestic and overseas aerospace industries. The joint venture builds on ten years of existing cooperation between China Airlines and NORDAM. The continued investment in Asia-Pacific’s composite maintenance market is aimed at strengthening the capabilities of Taiwan’s aerospace maintenance industry.

NORDAM Vice-Chairman and COO T. Hastings Siegfried noted that as a leader in the aerospace engineering industry, the partnership will not only see NORDAM support the establishment a professional aerospace maintenance capability but also expand its share of the maintenance market. The superlative network of China Airlines will help reduce overall procurement costs, improve cost-effectiveness, create a win-win situation for both companies and see them join forces to build the best aerospace maintenance brand in Asia.

NORDAM holds a 51% share in the joint venture while China Airlines holds 49%. The maintenance facility will be built Taoyuan International Airport’s Zhongzheng section. The facility should be completed and commissioned by mid-2019 to provide thrust reverser and composite material maintenance services to the Asia region. A “Triple Boost” is anticipated from the partnership. Apart from satisfying China Airlines’ own fleet’s maintenance requirements and enhancing the Engineering & Maintenance Organization’s ability to repair composite materials, it will also help support the development of the national aerospace industry. (2017/11/14)