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China Airlines Sets New Milestone in Carbon Reduction for Taiwanese Carriers with Adoption of Sustainable Alternative Fuels

2017 Dec 01

China Airlines is support global carbon reduction initiatives through direct action by participating the biofuel program being jointly developed by Airbus and Air TOTAL. The 10th new A350 aircraft being ferried back to Taiwan will have Sustainable Aviation/Alternative Fuels (SAF) added to effectively reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by around 20,000 kg. The move will help lower global greenhouse gas emissions, and make China Airlines the first carrier in Taiwan to use SAF.

The 10th China Airlines A350 being flown from Toulouse to Taiwan on November 30 France time is taking part in Airbus and Air TOTAL’s joint biofuel program. The fuel has received the international certificate of sustainability (COS) for its ability to effectively reduce GHG emissions and environmental impact. Its use on China Airlines’A350-900 energy-saving aircraft will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30% and set a new milestone for Taiwanese carriers.

Chairman Nuan-hsuan Ho said that carbon reduction has long been an area of concern for China Airlines. The growth of the global aviation industry has led to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions as well so SAF is considered an important way of reducing carbon emissions from the aviation industry. China Airlines hopes the experience gained this time will encourage the development of environmentally sustainable and high-efficiency energy policies in Taiwan, serve as a reference for industry, government and academic research in the future, set an example for other domestic carriers and contribute to the development of SAF by the global aviation industry.

China Airlines has instituted a variety of carbon reducing measures for aircraft operations and maintenance. Carbon management is being actively pursued with the results recognized by the CDP and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). In 2017, China Airlines was selected for the DJSI Emerging Markets again making it the only carrier in Taiwan to be so included. China Airlines went on to be ranked 3rd in the global aviation industry. In the future, China Airlines will continue to embrace sustainable corporate development through the implementation of energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives. (2017/12/01)