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CAL Park Awarded Diamond-rated Green Building - Achieves Annual Power Savings of 23,000 kWh

2018 Jan 18

The headquarters building of China Airlines at CAL Park in Taiwan has been awarded the "Diamond-rated" green building label by the Ministry of the Interior for 2017. As part of its corporate environmental sustainability initiative, China Airlines introduced an innovative "Elevator Energy Regenerative Unit (EERU)" in 2017 Q4 along with other energy-saving initiatives to reduce electricity consumption by 8670 kWh in one quarter. Total power savings for the year of 2017 amounted to approximately 23,000 kWh, the equivalent of a home air-conditioner with Grade 1 energy label running for 9 consecutive years. For 2018, China Airlines will strengthen its management of waste and water resources and apply for the CAL Park Training Center's green building label.

The CAL Park completed in 2010 incorporated energy-efficiency and environmental protection concepts. Green designs feature such as water-saving, energy-efficient air-conditioning, energy-efficient lighting, site optimization, low-emissivity glass and sun-shades were adopted to comply with Taiwan's green building certification system (EEWH). Compliance with the four key indicators of "greenery", "soil water retention", "daily energy saving" and "water resources" led to the "Green Building Candidate Certificate" being granted. The headquarters building of China Airlines at CAL Park went on to secure a "Diamond-rated" green building label of EEWH-RN (Renovation) from the Ministry of the Interior.

China Airlines has progressively introduced ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards, set up an environmental management system (EMS) and energy management system (EnMS), and actively implemented a total of 33 energy-saving initiatives including: Independent switches for office lighting, LED replacement of 24-hour T5 and 50W halogen lights, addition of energy-saving fans and stand-alone variable frequency air-conditioning systems, replacement of after-hours and weekend cooling units, cover plates for indoor AC thermostats and lighting switches. Statistics indicated that annual electricity consumption has declined dramatically from 15.33 million kWh in 2011 to 12.88 million kWh in 2016, representing a significant 16% reduction in electricity consumption.

China Airlines has taken a longstanding interest in climate change and carbon reduction issues. Its active promotion of energy-efficiency and environmental protection initiatives led to the awarding of Taiwan's top "ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award (Gold Rated), and win the "Environmental Protection Honor Award", and the TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for four consecutive years. In addition to these top three awards, China Airlines was also placed in the "Category B~A enterprises" by the CDP and included by the "Dow Jones Stock Index - Emerging Markets" for two consecutive years, making it the first and only airline in Taiwan to be so included. China Airlines will continue to embrace its original mission of “fulfilling corporate social responsibility" and work relentlessly for the cause of sustainable environmental development through the creation of a low-carbon operating environment and the promotion of energy-saving, low-carbon operations throughout the CAL Group. (2018/01/19)