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China Airlines Exhibition Shows Flight Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

2018 July 03

The first Safety Exhibition hosted by China Airlines aimed at promoting and implementing flight safety operations and safety management systems throughout the company. A series of seminars on civil aviation regulations and aviation practices were also organized. The continued promotion of safety education at the grassroots level is a demonstration of China Airlines' commitment to making flight safety a top priority.

The theme for the current exhibition, "Into the Wind - the Little Details in Every Journey", refers to the how China Airlines has adopted a thorough approach to flight and passenger safety to ensure peace of mind for passengers. Exhibits included an introduction to the Safety Management System (SMS), a chronology of aviation safety events, and a retrospective on past activities. Regulators were also invited to host seminars on aviation practices including civil aviation supervision, changes in the overall operating environment and regulatory developments. The seminars helped to strengthen familiarity and understanding of safety management systems and regulations governing aviation standards. Safety is the overriding principle at China Airlines. A variety of management activities are used to control risk, build up the safety culture and a consensus among all employees.

China Airlines President Su-Chien Hsieh says that safety is the most basic requirement of the airline business. The flight safety exhibition serves to remind every employee of the need to be proactive, to take the initiative in their work, to follow SOPs and to avoid short-cuts. If abnormal risks are detected then they must also identify the root cause instead of letting it slide. China Airlines introduced the Safety Management System (SMS) in 2007, the new Aviation Quality Database (AQD) from the Rolls-Royce Group in 2013, and partnered with academic institutions to develop a Safety Culture Assessment Project. In 2015, China Airlines also introduced the British Aerobyte system to strengthen overall trend monitoring capability. Safety management at China Airlines is therefore now in line with world-class standards.

The Safety Management System is a total approach to aircraft risk management that integrates flight, aircraft and ground operations to reduce overall operating risks. The promotion of a just culture underpins the promotion of the SMS in China Airlines. The formulation of a corporate safety policy enables every personnel to fulfill their own safety responsibilities while also encouraging employees to actively report safety issues and risk factors. Hazard identification and risk management are used to reduce the impact of potential risks and realize the goal of incident prevention; regular monitoring and review of safety performance indicators has also been introduced for safety assurance; education, training and safety awareness for all employees ensure that every employee understands their safety responsibilities and can obtain the relevant safety information. The overall performance of the SMS can then be enhanced.

The introduction of the new 777 and A350 aircraft as part of the fleet renewal program reflect China Airlines' continued efforts to improve flight safety. China Airlines has since won the Golden Flyer Award, the highest award in Taiwan's civil aviation industry, the highest possible 7-star rating for safety from Australia’s Airline Ratings, and passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit's (IOSA) certification process for the seventh consecutive year at the end of 2016. IOSA is the top international aviation safety standard audit and is conducted every two years to ensure the integrity of a company's safety standards. (2018/07/03)