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Have You Seen It? The New Commercial from China Airlines #TheTripYouPromised hits home with more than 3 million views in 24 hours

2018 July 08

China Airlines' new commercial, "The Trip You Promised", for 2018 has generated a great deal of support and discussion since it was aired at 9 pm on 6th, with many people recalling the trips they promised to go on with friends and relatives. The video was viewed more than 3 million times just 24 hours of its release.

China Airlines said that traveling is a process of creating and collecting memories. People often say "let's go somewhere next time" but many of these "the trip you promised" don't end up getting off the ground. The inspiration for the new brand commercial comes from people's every day lives and different groups including girls' groups, boss and employees, lovers, couples, families and fellow students. Being reminded of going to Thailand's Water Festival with friends after getting soaked in water; reading a menu in the cafe reminds an office worker who promised the English afternoon tea with her girlfriends; staring at three overlapping circles in a PowerPoint presentation reminds a father of the trip to Disney he promised his son; the funniest one is of a sophisticated-looking old lady with white hair wearing a bikini. It is not only a salute to honeymoons but also the highlight of the video. All of these segments are aimed reminding people of their past promises and to get going right away.

The China Airlines "The Trip You Promised" brand commercial has been aired on two of the top online platforms and has been viewed more than 3.5 million times as of noon on 8th. To help travelers fulfill their long-held promise this year, China Airlines is now offering a range of promotional fares such as Taipei-London Economy Class return air fares starting from TWD 18,139 (before tax) and Taipei-Brisbane Economy Class return air fares starting from TWD 14,550 (before tax). For more destinations and information about promotions please visit the China Airlines website. (2018/07/08)