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China Airlines Reopens Terminal 2 Dynasty Lounge

2018 Sep 06

China Airlines now sets to reopen the Dynasty Lounge at Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport. The design, featuring red plum blossoms and ink wash paintings, is infused with the same Oriental aesthetics as the new generation cabin on new China Airlines aircraft. The exquisitely appointed environment will allow passengers to relax and feel at home before boarding.

The Dynasty Lounge located in front of Gate D4 in Terminal 2 covers over 1170 square meters of floor space. Renowned Taiwanese calligraphy artist Ben-Hang Chang was invited to paint a calligraphy featuring Mt. Jade viewed from afar. Other interior frescoes of landscapes convey a sense of cultural refinement and scholarly virtues. Travelers will be able to admire the beauty of Taiwan in different parts of the lounge.

The Dynasty Lounge in Terminal 2 offers comfortable seating for 258 with free Wi-Fi and charging ports throughout. Public computers, showers, and breastfeeding rooms are also provided for convenience. A wide range of food and beverages are served including Chinese and foreign delicacies and freshly cooked cuisine. The China Airlines beef noodles cooked to order are particularly popular with guests. Snacks such as yams and tea eggs have been well received as well.

China Airlines strives to deliver the best airport service and flying experience. Its 4 VIP lounges in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Taoyuan Airport have a total capacity for more than 600 seats. The lounges provide China Airlines' business class passengers as well as Paragon, Emerald, Gold and SkyTeam Elite Plus members with the most comfortable service. (2018/09/20)