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Celebrating Double-Tenth Together: China Airlines Turns Heads with National Day Float

2018 Oct 08

The 2018 Double-Tenth Day Float will be unveiled in front of the Office of the President in Taipei City on October 10. A China Airlines float will once again take part in the national day parade this year, and it will be the only airline carrier represented at the celebrations as well. The float will feature a cartoon-version of an A350 emerging from the clouds. The design will highlight the youthfulness of the China Airlines fleet, its competitiveness in the global aerospace industry and the magnificent sight they make as they fly around the world.

The theme for the China Airlines national day float is "a Global China Airlines with a new look Red Plum Blossom" conveying how the carrier carries travelers to new vistas. Destinations from America, Europe and Oceania, are also featured including the Statue of Liberty, London’s Buckingham Palace Queen’s Guards, and the Sydney Opera House to symbolize how China Airlines, as the national carrier, flies to these famous cities to promote the culture and unique beauty of Taiwan.

The Plastic Art Design Department at Da-Yeh University was responsible for the design and fabrication of this year's float. Flowers such as the Vanda Orchid, Chrysanthemum Pom Pom, Flamingo Flower, Peony, Carnation and Sage, and Red Plum blossoms represent China Airlines, and other colorful plants come together to create a spectacular visual effect. Five China Airlines cabin crew members filled with the energy of youth as well as float performers contribute to the overall message of "Taiwan, Together."

China Airlines has participated in the U.S. Rose Parade every year since 1987. The design of every float has won popular acclaim for visual beauty, cultural warmth and commitment to the company's philosophy of sustainability and environmental protection. This year's float based on the 2018 national day theme of "Taiwan, Together" will hopefully encourage more travelers around the world to come and explore Taiwan and feast their senses on the sights and sounds of this beautiful island. The China Airlines national day float will be available for public viewing between 09:00 ~ 21:00 from October 10 to 14 at the C.K.S. Memorial Hall. (2018/10/08)