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China Airlines Embraces New 60th Anniversary GO theme for 2019 Calendar

2018 Nov 05

China Airlines is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding next year with the release of the “60 to Go - A FRESH START” 2019 wall and desk calendars. Outstanding personnel from the pilot, cabin crew, maintenance and ground crew divisions have been invited to take part. The China Airlines logo for its 60th anniversary has also been revealed for the first time. The number “60” in corporate identity colors of blue and red symbolizes “GO” (movement) and “∞” (Infinity), extending invitation to join in the 60th anniversary celebration over six decades of wonderful memories between China Airlines and the people of Taiwan.

The cover of the China Airlines 2019 calendars features an A350 at take-off over the 60th anniversary logo to symbolize China Airlines has always been dedicated to carrying passengers towards their dreams for the past 60 years, and years to come. The talented men and women of China Airlines appear in the calendars symbolize youth, professionalism and passion and reflect the people-centric approach at China Airlines and its commitment to service. According to China Airlines, it will continue to strive for excellence and is now passing the 60 year mark with full force, with every flight aiming to satisfy the expectations of every traveler as the first choice in the industry.

The 2019 calendars invite travelers to admire beautiful sights of the world 365 days a year with a hand-picked selection of China Airlines’ top 6 direct flight destinations in Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania. January and February will visit the Bear Mountain in Ontario, USA, overlooking a world of silvery snow at a popular skiing destination. The blooming spring months of March and April coincides with the “Thai Water Festival”, the largest traditional holiday festival in Southeast Asia. People splash each other with fresh water to wash away bad luck and get off to a new start for the coming year. As spring turns into summer in May and June, the warm weather and longer daylight are perfect for a tour in London. Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and King's Cross Station are all well worth exploring. Avoid the scorching months of July and August by visiting the fields of lavender flowers in Hokkaido’s Furano. Known as the “once in a lifetime” sight of seven different kinds of lavender flowers will leave behind a colorful memory of the summer days. September and October is fall, the season of romance. See all the sights that New York has to offer at Central Park, Empire State Building and 5th Avenue. November and December is Sydney, Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere famed for its spectacular view of Opera House and Harbour Bridge under fireworks. The count-down to New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular events every year. Make a wish in this city of surprises for a new year filled with new hopes.

China Airlines calendars have always been met with great anticipation from all sectors. The new calendars every year attract a great deal of local and foreign attention, and are popular with collectors as well. New and novel themes are introduced through the calendars every year, resembling China Airlines starts every refreshing and youthful day by offering enjoyable flights to customers. (2018/11/5)