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China Airlines Launches "Dynasty Miles Go" Online Store with Daily Ticket Draws

2018 Dec 07

China Airlines announced on December 7th the launch of the all-new "Dynasty Miles Go" online store that will provide members with more ways of using their Dynasty miles! At the launch press conference, the stars of the China Airlines calendar showed off the results of their secret training by putting on a fashion show featuring limited edition flight jackets and exclusive merchandise. To celebrate the launch of the new online store, a "China Airlines Shopping Fantasy Park" pop up will be held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Plaza in Taipei from December 7 through to December 9. Exclusive merchandise and fortune bags are up for grabs along with prize draws for airline tickets.

Ten witty, charming and talented employees from different departments of China Airlines were invited to the catwalk, including cabin and ground crew members featured in China Airlines' 2019 calendar and print advertising, as well as those that served on various presidential flights. Several are even celebrity look-alikes for Jo In Sung and Lan Chang! Thanks to a boot camp conducted by EeLin Entertainment, the China Airlines personnel put on a spectacular performance from the catwalks to the merchandise displays that wooed the crowds.

China Airlines Chairman Nuan-Hsuan Ho said: "China Airlines set up this new online store to serve its members. We aim to satisfy the needs of members by finding the products they love. We look for every chance to serve our customers, and new friends are welcome too." China Airlines values every opportunity to communicate with its members and give them more ways of using their Dynasty miles.

According to China Airlines, the most important feature of "Dynasty Miles Go" is the ability for members to purchase a wide selection of goods using "Miles + Credit Card" or "Credit Card only." Members can now not only put their dormant miles to good use but also buy the products they love for lesser cash outlays.

The Dynasty Miles Go store features more than 10,000 products divided into ten sections including CAL merchandise, beauty, boutique accessories, appliances, consumer electronics, lifestyle, travel & leisure, gourmet foods, personal care and international brands. The first wave of promotions includes the stylish limited edition "China Airlines Flight Jacket." The winter jacket made from high-tech water-resistant breathable fabrics gives wearers that "Top Gun" look; a 2nd generation music box with tri-colored compartment and China Airlines cute uniformed figurine have also been released in partnership with Jean Cultural & Creative Co. The playful "China Airlines Winter Musical Ferris Wheel" with its snappy gavotte dance tune will no doubt be popular with holiday shoppers.

There is also China Airlines A350 liveried aircraft merchandise including "PopSockets Mobile Phone Holder", "Spring Roll Tote Bag", "Double Mug", and "Bottle Cork." A 1:130 "China Airlines A350 Liveried Model Aircraft" of tremendous collectible value has been released as well. A "China Airlines x Eminent 26" Suitcase" in exclusive colors is available through a partnership with Eminent Luggage Corp. The suitcase comes with a free "China Airlines 3-piece Packing Set" and luggage strap. Those who prefer an understated, personalized look should consider the "China Airlines Leather Tote Bag."

The 3-day China Airlines Shopping Fantasy Park features a 5m high pop up store that looks like a fantasy-themed shopping cart. A life-sized musical Ferris Wheel offers a great spot to take fancy winter selfies. A limited number of fortune bags are also on sale every day. In addition to the Airbus joint liveried model aircraft, shopping bag and exclusive China Airlines 60th anniversary desktop calendar, buyers of the fortune bags will also have a chance to win great prizes such as free airline tickets, frequent flyer miles, flight jacket and winter music box. To celebrate the opening of the online store, simply buy any merchandise at the event to go into the prize draw right away! Those who spend more than NT$3500 will also get the chance of winning great prizes such as tickets for medium and long-range routes!

Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (133 Guangfu S. Rd. Xinyi District, Taipei City)
Time: 12/7 (Fri) ~ 12/9 (Sun)

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