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China Airlines and CYCU Signs MOU for Cultivation of Aviation Talents

2019 Jan 30

Strong growth is forecast for the global aviation industry and this should generate demand for talent as well. A "Memorandum of Understanding on Industry-Academia Cooperation" was therefore signed between China Airlines (CAL) and Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) on 1/30. CYCU has set up an industry-academia research and development platform under the aegis of a "Global Research & Industry Alliance" (GLORIA) that will be used to develop an industry-academia cooperation program driven by the needs of China Airlines. Industry knowledge and experience provided by China Airlines will provide students interested in the aviation industry with an opportunity to learn about civil aviation, and promote the development of the domestic civil aviation industry by cultivating more aviation professionals for Taiwan.

China Airlines Chairman Nuan-Hsuan Ho said that many exceptional CYCU alumni are employed by the CAL Group so the university is a source of quality human resources; thanks to the carrier's extensive industry experience and comprehensive aviation training facilities/curriculum resources, it is delighted to partner with CYCU in an industry-academia cooperation program focused on "education & training" and "talent development." Students will be encouraged to further their studies and plan future careers early in order to cultivate aviation-related expertise.

CYCU President Kuang-Cheng Chang said that the university attaches great importance to the needs of the industry and has been working actively to connect with corporate resources. He hopes that the partnership with China Airlines to cultivate high-level expertise for the aviation industry will lead to more diverse value-adding projects.

A campus talent development program was launched by China Airlines in 2013 to support the Ministry of Education's policy of "Industry-Academia Cooperation and Talent Development with Technological and Vocational Education Institutions." Agreements for industry-academia cooperation were progressively signed with more than 30 colleges and universities throughout Taiwan on flight operations, maintenance, ground services, cargo services & load control, information technology and education technology. China Airlines is now partnering with CYCU for the first time to provide summer internships in maintenance that will introduce students to the aviation industry and cultivate potential aviation talents. All students with an interest in the aviation sector are eligible to apply.

According to China Airlines, interns in the industry-academia cooperation program will engage in training and hands-on practice. Star performers will be given preference during future recruitment (interns in maintenance and ground services). The continued expansion of destinations and flights will lead to an increase in maintenance operations as well. China Airlines' promotion of basic training courses for aerospace maintenance through the industry-academia cooperation project will help connect education provided by the academic sector with hands-on skills in the industry.

The CAL Group has long cultivated domestic aviation expertise through a variety of industry-academia cooperation projects on maintenance, logistics, information management and education technology. "Cheers" magazine has ranked China Airlines as one of the "Top 20 employers among the new generation" for three consecutive years. CYCU was also rated the top private comprehensive university in Taiwan by the Center for World University Ratings (CWUR) for five straight years in a demonstration of its educational excellence. A recruitment agency survey found that CYCU was the top private university for business employers in 2019. Cooperation between the two parties on the cultivation of domestic aviation expertise will be to the mutual benefit of both.