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China Airlines Increases Services for 10th Anniversary of Palau Route and Launch of Self-Guided Tours for Taiwanese Visitors in Palau

2019 Mar 13

China Airlines has been the only airline flying to Palau, "the Rainbow's End". Flight frequency was increased in February this year and Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft now fly between Taipei and Palau every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for a total of three flights a week. The change has not only boosted seating capacity by 30% but also provides travelers with more variety in their itineraries. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Palau route, China Airlines presented a 738 aircraft model with Plum Blossom to Mr. Raynold Oilouch, the Vice President of Palau. This very memorable moment and gesture of friendship was witnessed by Mr. Wallace Chou, Taiwan's ambassador to Palau.

China Airlines began operating charter flights on the Taipei-Palau route in 2008. Regular scheduled services were introduced in 2009. The increase to three weekly return flights from February 18 onwards means four, five and now six-day itineraries that offer more variety are now available. Self-guided tourists can enjoy short island vacations where they leave on Monday and return on Wednesday, or depart on Saturday to return on Monday. The link between Taiwan and Palau provided by China Airlines promotes tourism and exchange between the two countries. It also boosts the international profile of Taiwan.

Palau is a key ally of Taiwan in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also geographically Taiwan's closest ally. The government and people of Taiwan have always treasured this hard-won friendship and a reciprocal visa waiver agreement was signed in December 2018. The latest increase in Palau flights coincides with the 10th anniversary of the route being launched as well. More frequent official and private-sector visits and exchanges means the new services should prove profitable as well. China Airlines is honored to serve as the bridge of friendship between Taiwan and Palau.

Palau is known as the "Rainbow's End." It is recognized as an international scuba diving destination and takes the top spot in the Seven Undersea Wonders. Tourists with a passion for nature flock to Palau from all around the world. Palau can be reached with a short four-hour flight from Taiwan. The island paradise is therefore not far away at all.

China Airlines is continuing to expand its Asia network and services to provide travelers with more flights and greater flexibility. The carrier currently operates 172 flights a week to 15 Southeast Asia destinations. Promotional fares are now being offered by China Airlines for the Taipei-Palau route. Economy Class round-trip air fares starting from TWD 7,840 before tax make this an opportunity that travelers should not miss. China Airlines hopes that travelers with a love for natural sights or looking for a relaxing vacation can now discover the unique charms of Palau with optimized affordability.