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Mr. Su-Chien Hsieh Appointed as Chairman of China Airlines

2019 Apr 02

The China Airlines Board of Directors voted at an extraordinary meeting today (4/2) to elect the current president of China Airlines Mr. Su-Chien Hsieh as the chairman of the company while retaining his role as president.

Chairman Su-Chien Hsieh graduated from Soochow University and has accumulated 40 years of service with China Airlines since joining the company in 1979. Hsieh's career spanned the Accounting Division, Passenger Sales Division, Sales Manager of Taipei Branch, General Manager of Kaohsiung Branch, Vice President of Taiwan Region and General Manager of Taipei Branch, and Senior Vice President. He was also stationed overseas as the General Manager of Indonesia Branch and Australia Branch, assigned to affiliated enterprises such as Abacus Distribution Systems Taiwan Ltd. and Taiwan Air Cargo Terminals Limited. He was appointed the president of China Airlines on June 24, 2016 and was also made chairman of Mandarin Airlines in July of the same year. His extensive resume and management experience are widely recognized in the industry.