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China Airlines "Love Goes Around" Dream Flight Takes Off from Guanyin

2019 Jun 11

The China Airlines "Love Goes Around" team founded five years ago in 2014 regularly visits schoolchildren in remote rural regions to introduce them to the joys of flying. The Guanyin Dream Flight event was held on June 11st in partnership with the Taoyuan City Department of Education at Lunping Elementary School in Guanyin District. A total of 101 sixth-grade graduates from six elementary schools (Lunping, Shangda, Yuren, Fulin, Baosheng, Datang) took part in the event and it is hoped that the learning-through-play aviation experience will broaden their international horizons.

Wei-Kuo Wu, the leader of the Love Goes Around team, said: "Love Goes Around is a team for spreading dreams. By wearing their uniforms with pride and confidence, the team members hope to serve as a role model to the children, tell them that dreaming is not hard and making dreams come true is not difficult either. They just need to start now!"

The team has hosted 32 events to date including 4 junior high schools, 42 elementary schools, 1 children's home, 1 church and 2 charity organizations. Their efforts have reached 3,039 people and involved 1,823 volunteer sessions. The volunteers promote learning in an active, creative and fun manner. The volunteers also engage directly with the children to sow the seeds of hope for the future of rural regions. In the future, they hope to travel all around Taiwan to spread their message of “be ready to dream” and to help more children connect with the world.

Today, China Airlines cockpit and cabin crew members in their full uniforms gave introductions on traveling overseas, flying tips, as well as safety and life vest demonstrations. The schoolchildren found this introduction to aviation a very novel and interesting experience. Six sets of uniforms from different China Airlines units were also made available on the day for the students to try on. The Q&A session and scenario challenges gave students a better understanding of an airline's various business operations. The climax of the event was the group seaweed dance that the 101 students and volunteers performed together. Everyone came away filled with excitement and felt it was a very rewarding experience.