Boarding Pass Sample

Self-Print Boarding Pass

  (1)Passenger Receipt


  (3)For Airlines Use

1. Eligible:  

It's eligible for passengers departing from Taoyuan (except for passengers leaving for U.S.A, Australia and New Zealand due to the local government regulations), Sung Shan, Kaohsiung, Taichung (effective on June 11th, 2014) , Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Manila, Hiroshima, Tokyo(Haneda), Tokyo(Narita), Sapporo(Chitose), Fukuoka, Osaka(Kansai), Nagoya, Rome, Vienna, Frankfurt and Vancouver. However, the following passengers can check in online but cannot print their own boarding passes.               

(1)Unaccompanied Minors who require special handling.

(2)Passengers less than 18 years old departing from Rome and traveling alone are not eligible due to the local government regulations.

(3)Passengers requesting special assistance.

(4)Passengers who have connecting flights.

However,passengers whose connecting airports and final destination are eligible for this service can print their own Boarding Pass.

For example:

(a)Passengers departing from Kaohsiung and connecting to Tokyo are eligible.

(b)Passengers departing from Kaohsiung and connecting to Los Angles are not eligible.
Passengers departing from Taiwan to Hong Kong with return flights departing within 24 hours can print Boarding Passes for their return flight at a time.

(5)Passengers whose travel documents data are inputted incorrectly.

(6)Passengers who are not electronic tickets holders.

(7)Passengers transferring at Hong Kong airport.

2. Boarding procedures at the airports 

Passengers without check-in baggage
Can proceed directly through Security and Immigration and to the Gate.
Must present their travel documents at the Boarding Gate Service Desk at least
30 minutes(Please refer to the notice of Boarding Pass) prior to flight departure.

Passengers with check-in baggage
Can drop it at check-in counter at least 1 or 2 hours (Please refer to the notice of Boarding Pass) before scheduled departure time.

3. Print Boarding Pass from the Kiosk at the airport

Passengers can print their own boarding passes from the kiosks at Taoyuan , Sung Shan , Kaohsiung , Taichung , Hong Kong , Tokyo(Haneda) , Nagoya ,Frankfurt , San Francisco , Los Angeles and Vancouver airport on the day of flight departure if they are not eligible for Self-Print Boarding Pass service.