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Excess Baggage Rates Table


  1. Excess baggage rates in Canadian dollar (CAD) are used for departure from Canada, and in US Dollar (USD) are used for departure from other regions. The actual amount charged at the airport counter in local currency shall be converted from the aforementioned rates in USD or CAD by using the exchange rate effective on the day of departure.
  2. This estimation only provides the calculation of excess baggage charge for standard size baggage. Any baggage exceeding the limit stipulated in baggage allowance will be considered as oversized or overweight baggage, and additional baggage fee will be charged at the airport counter. For details, please refer to official website-
  3. This estimation only applies to China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines self-operated international routes.
  4. Passengers can take the estimation of excess baggage charges as reference to how much they should pay at airport counter on the same day of the query. A discount is provided to passengers who are willing to pay the charges 4 hours prior to flight departure-