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Redeem Complimentary Wi-Fi Onboard

Details on Redeeming China Airlines Complimentary Wi-Fi Onboard Coupon:

Applicable Routes To/From North America / Europe / New Zealand / Australia area
(Segments between AKL and BNE are not applicable) / Singapore
Redemption and use Period From now till 2022/3/31 (TWN GMT+8)
Applicable flights For B777 / A350 aircraft Operated by China Airlines
(Codeshare flights are not eligible)
Applicable Ticket Redeem Ticket number begins with 297 or 803
Terms of Wi-Fi redemption          
( exclude TPE-SIN v.v. )
( exclude TPE-SIN v.v. )
( TPE-SIN v.v. )
Passenger ticket with all booking classes exclude group ticket G class.
Premium Business J/C/D class or Premium Economy W/U class may redeem 24hrs Wi-Fi Onboard.
Passenger ticket with booking class J/C/D/W/U. Passenger ticket with all booking classes
  1. This event is only applicable to travelers with ticket issued and eligible booking class.
  2. Infant tickets are not eligible for redemption.
  3. The number of Wi-Fi Onboard coupons a traveler can redeem will be the same as the number of actual eligible flight of the ticket.
  4. WiFi-Onboard coupon would need internet access to redeem page to get the WI-FI Voucher. Please redeem prior boarding the aircraft.
  5. The Wi-Fi Onboard coupon is complimentary, it cannot be returned or exchanged for any form of cash or credit alternative.
  6. CodeShare flights and flights not operated by China Airlines are not eligible for redemption.
  7. China Airlines reserves the right to change these terms and conditioins at any time without prior notice.
  8. China Airlines employee travel tickets and trade discount tickets are excluded from this offer.

Q & A

  • Q1: Which aircraft offer the Wi-Fi Onboard service?
    A: Currently, the Wi-Fi Onboard service is only offered on our Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircrafts. The Wi-Fi Onboard service is not available on other aircrafts.
  • Q2: How is the connection time limit calculated? Is there a data limit?
    A: The service is available for consecutively hours after login. Logging out, closing the browser, or turning off the connected device will not stop the timing process. The service cannot be used in segments. There is no data limit within the available time limit. However, to ensure the comfort of other travelers, VoIP and video calls are not available.
  • Q3: Can I give my Wi-Fi Onboard coupon to someone else?
    A: Wi-Fi Onboard coupons are not tied to each traveler, you can gift it to a friend or relative to use.
  • Q4: I am transferring in Taipei to another destination, and my Wi-Fi Onboard coupon has not expired yet, can I continue using my coupon?
    A:Yes. As long as your transfer flight is operated by a Boeing 777 or Airbus A350, and your Wi-Fi Onboard coupon has not expired, you may continue to use your Wi-Fi Onboard coupon until it expires.
  • Q5: Can I redeem the complimentary WI-FI if I use my frequent flyer milages upgrade to business class?
    A: Yes.
  • Q6: I can't use the Wi-Fi Onboard coupon, can I refund it?
    A: The Wi-Fi Onboard coupon is complimentary and cannot be returned for monetary refund.
  • Q7: How many devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi Onboard service at once using the same coupon?
    A: One Wi-Fi Onboard coupon may only be used for logging in by one device at one time.
  • Q8: Which devices can I use the Wi-Fi Onboard service on?
    A: It can be used by any device that supports Wi-Fi, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Q9: Is the wireless internet service available for the entire duration of the flight?
    A: The Wi-Fi Onboard service transmits data via satellite communication and may only be used once the aircraft has reached the altitude of 10,000 feet. Connections may be suspended when flying over the polar regions, which may last up to 3.5 hours depending on season and actual flight path. Similar to network services on the ground, the actual connection speed of Wi-Fi Onboard depend on the number of users and the strength of the satellite signal.
  • Q10: Where can I contact with for the complaint?
    A: E-mail: Tel.: +1-888-488-1553