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No Show Fee

Please enter your information for your booking details.

(Flight ticket number must be a 13-digit number that begin with 297/803. Do not enter any special symbols)


  1. No-Show fee will be imposed on passengers who do not cancel their reservations, do not show up for their flights or do not board their flights after completion of the check-in process.
  2. Excluding group tickets, all other passengers will be able to make the payment online by credit card. For group tickets, please contact your travel agency.
  3. No-show fee online payment system is only applicable for paying no-show fee. Please contact your travel agency or China Airlines offices for booking/ticketing modification in compliance with the fare rules.
  4. Special ticket types such as AD/ID/DM/RG are applicable for online No-show payment.
  5. No-show fee is non-refundable.
  6. After paid no-show fee, Rebooking/Reissue online at China Airlines official website will not be applicable.
  7. For passenger with single name, please contact China Airlines offices . ( ex: passenger name AAAAA/MS or BBBBB/MR )