1. Winners will be drawn randomly by the computer.
  2. The list of winners will be published on China Airlines' official website. Winners will also be notified individually by email.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Participants must fly on a flight operated by China Airlines and complete our customer satisfaction survey on the questionnaire system before the 6th of the following month of the last flight.
  2. At the end of the month, China Airlines will draw from the list of passengers who flew with us in the previous month and who have completed the satisfaction questionnaire.
  3. After the raffle, China Airlines will publish the list of winners on its official site, and notify the winners through email with the email address they provided.
  4. Mileage award winners:
  5. The personal information you provided to participate in the raffle is only used for the purpose of raffle, prize notification, or other notifications related to the raffle.
  6. The participants of the raffle hereby guarantee that all information provided in the raffle are true, correct, and is not false or fraudulent. China Airlines will revoke the participant's right to the prize in cases where false information was provided. China Airlines will not be held responsible in cases where false information was provided, subsequently leading to China Airline's inability to contact the prize winner, or where the act has caused harm to China Airlines or a third party.
  7. When participants agree to partake in the raffle, they agree to the terms & conditions of the raffle. In cases where participants violate these terms & conditions, China Airlines is entitled to cancel the right of participation or to the prize, and reserves the right to request compensation for damages caused.
  8. China Airlines will revoke the winner's right to claim their prize in cases where the winner fails to follow the terms & conditions of the raffle.
  9. China Airlines reserves the right to cancel, suspend, change, or temporarily stop the raffle in the case of irresistible factors where the raffle is not capable of running as planned.
  10. China Airlines reserves the right to modify the conditions, rules, prize, drawing, and winner publishing of the raffle without notifying the participants after the change.
  11. China Airlines reserves the final right to adjust and interpret the terms and conditions in cases of dispute or uncertainty.