Refund Prepaid Excess Baggage Fee

Booking Information

(Please input 13-digits ticket number.)

Terms and Conditions

  • The tickets that you hold should be issued by either China Airlines (297) or Mandarin Airlines (803).
  • Online refunds are available only for completely unused excess baggage cuppon within two years of the date of issue.
  • Excess baggage cuppon refund application may only be applied the day after the booking is made.
  • The refund amount will be reimbursed to original cardholder and his/her card number for subject ticket payment.
  • We will prompt refund as possible once receive your request and the duration of reimbursement will subject to card-issuing banks handling procedures, and the refund service charge will be deducted from original amount.
  • Tickets to/from USA, a full refund without service charge will be given if the refund request is submitted within 48 hours after ticket purchase and the reservation was made one week or more prior to a flight's scheduled departure.
  • Tickets commencing from Korea, if the refund is made 10 days or more prior to flight sector departure date, may be cancelled without service charge within 7 days after purchase. Please contact our Korean office for details.