Apply Auto Check-in

Reservation number

Please input the name used for reservation number and without symbols.


  1. You can apply Auto check-in between 360 days to 48 hours before your scheduled departure time. Flights to the United States (including Guam) are subject to local government regulations, and the applying time is between 360 days to 24 hours before departure.
  2. Special meal or special service like wheelchair is not offered at Auto Check-in process. Please contact China Airlines customer service if you need.
  3. Auto Check-in service is available for
    • China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines international scheduled flights.
    • Passengers with confirmed booking and electronic tickets.
    • Passengers up to 9 persons in single booking record.
  4. Auto Check-in service is not available for
    • Flights departing from Amsterdam.
    • Passengers entering the united States with a paper visa or green card.
    • Code-share flights operated by other airlines.
    • Group booking.
  5. After apply appointment successfully:
    • System will send you an email for Auto Check-in Appointment.
    • At the 48 hours prior to your fight departure(flights to the United State including Guam are 24 hours), system will complete the check-in process according to your appointment and assign the seat.
    • If the departure time of the return flight is within 48 hours of the departure flight, the boarding pass of the return flight cannot be obtained until the departure flight arrives at the destination.
    • If your documents are expired or not acceptable for your flights, system will not complete the check-in processes automatically.
    • If you wish to upgrade your booking to a higher cabin class, you will need to cancel your check-in first.
    • If you wish to change your seat, you could change the seat on China airlines' Online Check-in website.
    • If you are not eligible to enjoy Self-Print Boarding Pass service and Mobile Boarding Pass service, please pick up boarding pass or check in baggage (if any) at least around 1 hour prior to the flight departure time at the airport to comply with the immigration's inspection and security check procedures.
    • If you change itinerary, please re-book your appointment.
    • If you are unable to take the flight due to unforeseen reasons after Automated check-in is completed, please be sure to cancel check-in through Online Check-in Website first, and then contact your travel agency or CI/AE office to change reservation or cancel bookings 3 hours before the original flight departure. CI will impose no-show fee on passenger who failed to be in compliance with the above requirements and take actions accordingly.