The Dynasty Flyer Program is a long-term, preferential program initiated by China Airlines. It offers our members a range of considerate, value-added services. Once you become a member of the Dynasty Flyer Program (DFP), each time you fly with us or use our partners' services, you earn mileage. At China Airlines, we make traveling easy and fun by offering a wide range of products and services as well as many ways of earning mileage .
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Qualifications :
  • Dynasty Membership
    ‧Anyone at two years of age or above is eligible to become a Dynasty Flyer Member.
    ‧ Applicant under 12 years old must register a legal guardian, who must also be a member.

Conditions, Membership Privileges & Obligations:
  1. The membership card is non-transferable, and each member may only have one membership card number. If a member fails to accumulate any flight mileage for three consecutive years, China Airlines reserves the right to terminate the membership.
  2. Please use the same name as appears in your passport. To ensure that your flight mileage is credited accurately and timely, please give our service personnel both your membership card number and your name (as it appears on your card), when you are making a reservation.
  3. Once you have enrolled online, you will be given a DFP membership card number immediately. Please be noted that the mileage accumulation will begin with flights taken after membership application. If you have flown with us within the last 6 months prior to the enrollment, you may use the "online Mileage Correction" function or fax the photocopies of ticket coupon and boarding passes as well as membership card number to the nearest local office to reclaim your miles.
  4. For security reason, members are requested to keep your own password. If member use password to access “Members Area” online service, it will be regarded as member’s own behavior. Therefore, please do not reveal your password to other persons.
Membership Privileges & Obligations
  1. The membership card is non-transferable. If a member fails to accumulate any flight mileage for three consecutive years, China Airlines reserves the right to terminate the membership.
  2. Violation of regulations or procedures or submission of falsified information will result in the loss of membership and accrued mileage. China Airlines reserves the right to prosecute for illegal gains in such violations. If a member sustains a loss as a result of an oversight or error of this program, China Airlines' liability is limited to the compensation equivalent of such a loss.
  3. Members are fully responsible for paying any service charge or tax for awards in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Members may not use a hotel or travel agency as their mailing address. Members must also notify China Airlines immediately of any change in address. China Airlines shall not be responsible for any loss or delay of mail due to incorrect address.
  5. China Airlines has the right to limit the number of passengers using upgrade awards or free award tickets on each flight.
  6. China Airlines reserves the right to revise or terminate the Dynasty Flyer Program and retains full ownership of membership cards. Members must exercise their rights in accordance with the program rules. China Airlines may, either with or without notice, terminate membership status at any time if members violate any of the conditions listed below. Members are also expected to compensate for the losses suffered by China Airlines as a consequence of their action.
    1. China Airlines shall cancel membership and accrued mileage of members who profit through illegal means (such as, by earning miles under a fictitious name or selling the award). Such members will also be responsible for compensation of the equivalent cash amount for the airline miles improperly earned/redeemed.
    2. Unreasonable demands for undue privileges or failure to abide by flight cabin or airport lounge regulations, which create problems for the airline staff.
    3. Verbal and/or physical conduct believed to endanger flight safety or infringe on the rights of other passengers.
    4. Untrue or improper statements that damage China Airlines' reputation.
    5. Other actions in general that involve improper use or abuse of membership privileges.
  7. Partnership Mileage was developed as part of the Dynasty Flyer Program to increase members' mileage-earning opportunities. China Airlines is not involved with the pricing and operational procedures of any of its partners. In the case of a transactional dispute, members should directly contact the participating partner. The content of the partnership is based on the contract that China Airlines signs with such partners and is subject to change without notice.
  8. All privileges relating to members' mileage, award redemption and courtesy treatment is conducted in accordance with the rules in Dynasty Flyer Program Membership Guide.
  9. DFP Member must fill out the application form to process personal data correction, such as English/Chinese name 、Birthday、E-mail address 、ID/Passport number 、Phone 、Address.
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