Environmental Sustainability
Social Prosperity
Corporate Governance

Sustainability Governance

Through the "Sustainable Development Strategy" and "Value Creation Model", China Airlines assists stakeholders to grasp the true corporate value of China Airlines and review China Airlines' promotion of sustainable performance. Combine sustainability strategies to formulate short, medium and long-term goals to implement sustainable development of the company.

We adopted "Safety" and "Governance" as the basis for sustainable development and incorporated our main strategies of "Fleet and Network", "Products and Services", and "Group Business" to continue to enhance CAL's “Brand Awareness” in the minds of customers. We initiated three action plans to enhance the brand image including "Smart Resilience: resilient operations to combat extreme weather and changes in the business environment", "Localized Global Operations: taking Taiwan's local culture to the world", and "Youth Innovation: connect with the innovative generation with youthful thinking". The action plans reflect our lasting commitment to environmental, social, and economic / governance. The six sustainability strategies also support the UN's SDGs and we establish implementation strategies to create a strategic framework for sustainable development.

Value Creation Model

In order to embrace mutual prosperity along with our stakeholders and endeavor to create sustainable value for all stakeholders, CAL based on China Airlines’ economic, environmental, and social reporting boundaries has integrated six forms of capital (financial, natural, manufactured, intellectual, human, and social) to its corporate vision and strategy, introducing the concepts of true value to monetize the environmental and of social externality’s costs and benefits.This true value is viewed as an important reference point for corporate sustainability, and it helps all stakeholders understand the Company’s sustainability performance.

Capitals Input

Business Model