Flight Messaging

China Airlines provides messenger services when flight time change on departing/arrival, the system will send the related information to your mobile phone.
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Flight Messaging service provide you the latest updated real-time flight information.

You can choose to receive the latest information on specified flights sent by short message to your mobile phone.
  1. Flight Messaging service can be applied since 7 days before the flight departure, till 3 hours before the flight departure time.
  2. Flight Messaging provides irregular arrival/departure information to everyone, including passengers, those picking up people at the airport or those merely seeking flight information.
  3. Flight Messaging provides information for all China Airlines flights, as well as some Mandarin Airlines flights operated by CAL (such as cross-strait flights) with the exception of flights to/from Taichung). This service is unavailable for code-share flights.
  4. Flight Messaging is one of many different methods the public may use to obtain convenient flight information. CAL covers the cost of sending short messages to your mobile phone.
  5. We will do our best to make sure flight information is complete and up-to-date. But all flight information is still subject to last-minute changes depending on flight conditions and airport operations. Those using this service are advised to also closely pay attention to specific flight information after arriving at the airport.