Onboard Dining

We offer a wide range of meals, from authentic Chinese to world favorite cuisine; our meals are carefully cooked with fresh ingredients to meet your palate.

The service of Premium Business Class passengers main course pre-order are available on Taiwan out-bound routes.

Starting from June 1, the service of Premium Business Class main course pre-order for long-haul flights returning to Taiwan will be available and the service of Premium Economy Class pre-order main course will be available as well.

For unforeseen reasons the meals served during your flight do not match those shown here and temporary suspend Premium Business Class passengers main course pre-order service. Alternative meals may be served without notice.

Special Meal

  • During the pandemic, most routes offer 6 different kinds of special meals which are Vegetarian Oriental Meal、Vegetarian Lacto-ovo Meal、Moslem Meal、Kosher Meal*、Child Meal and Baby Meal.
  • *Kosher Meals(KSML) are only available on flights in-bound Taiwan from Europe 、America、Canada and Australia only, other routes are temporarily not available . The flights between TSA and KHH now provide VOML only.
  • Orders for special meals should be made at least 24 hours before flight departure; If you have any special needs, please contact your local China Airlines booking staff, we will confirm the meal contents to ensure your food safety and health.
Vegetarian Meal
Special MealCodeContent
Vegetarian Oriental MealVOMLOriental style vegetarian, exclude egg and dairy products. Prohibit to ginger, garlic, onion and scallion.
Vegetarian Vegan MealVGMLStrict western vegetarian style exclude dairy and egg product.
Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo MealVLMLWestern vegetarian style with dairy and egg product.
Vegetarian Indian MealAVMLIndian style vegetarian with spice and dairy product, usually taste spicy.
Vegetarian Jain MealVJMLMeal prepared in Indian style according to Jain custom, prohibit to root or bulbous vegetables.
Fruit MealFPMLFresh fruit or fruit byproduct, dessert. Fruit varies on supply and season.
Vegetarian Raw MealRVMLMeals prepared with uncooked raw vegetable or fruits.
Religious Meal
Special MealCodeContent
No Beef MealNBMLBeef not provided as appetizer and main course.
Hindu MealHNMLIndian-style meal prepared according to Hindu customs that contains no beef, pork or related products, raw fish or smoked fish. Prepared with lamb, poultry or fish and milk products.
Kosher MealKSMLMeals prepared under Jewish dietary law.
Moslem MealMOMLMeals prepared according to Islamic custom. No pork or related product, gelatin or any kind of alcohol.
Special MealCodeContent
Baby MealBBMLFor 4-6 month infant, provide fruit puree jar. For 6-24 month infant, provide fruit puree jar and bottled juice. Each out station's supply depends on individual specification.Bigger baby may request CHML.
** Bigger baby may request CHML.
Child MealCHMLMeal suitable for 2 years old to 8 years old child.
Nurture meal
Special MealCodeContent
Diabetic MealDBMLMeals designed for diabetic passengers, and meals are low fat, low sugar, high fiber and low salt.
Gluten Intolerant MealGFMLMeals designed for gluten intolerant passengers, exclude wheat, barley, rye, oats and flour-based products.
Low Calorie MealLCMLMeal designed for passengers who follow a calorie-restricted diet and meals are low fat and high fiber and avoid use of fried food or sugar products.
Low Fat/Low Cholesterol MealLFMLMeal designed for passengers who follow a fat-restricted diet and meals are low fat, low cholesterol and high fiber and avoid use of fried food or oil.
Low Salt MealLSMLMeal design for passengers who follows sodium restricted diet.
Low Lactose MealNLMLMeal designed for lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy products.
Bland MealBLMLMeals prepared for passenger who suffered from stomach/intestinal problems. Avoid irritating food, no fry or highly seasoned food, alcohol and caffeinated.
** If request for liquid diet please order via reservation.

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