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  • This system is available for First class or Business class passengers departing 24 hours up to 14 days prior to flight departure.
  • If there is any change of flight number, sector or class, the meal type or meal content might be different. Thus, your confirmed meal pre-selecting record will change as well. Please get on-line and confirm again.
  • This system is only available for the passengers with a confirmed reservation.
  • Please enter your Reservation Code(6 digits) and Name to login.
  • e-Menu is available for group passengers under the condition that the name list is confirmed by CI reservation system. Please inquire for your CI Reservation Code from your tour agent.
  • This system is not available for stand-by passengers and extra flight、co-share flights operated by other airlines.
  • Special meal requirement can not be handled.
  • All related designs, web pages, contents and details of this Website are the property of China Airlines. No copying, transferring, altering or selling is permitted without a written agreement from China Airlines.
  • Currently, this system is not available for the flights departing from AMS, ROR, KLO, ISG, HAK, SYX, DLC, WEH, KHN, YNZ, NGB, LJG, WNZ, FOC, CGQ, YNT, XUZ, HFE, WUX and all flight departure or arrival to RMQ , and all the flight between Taiwan (TWN) and Hong Kong is not available for the E-Menu Service.
  • If you have any questions about e-Menu service, please send an e-mail to TPEKB@email.china-airlines.com.