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  • Pre-order 3 items, get 20% off (flights in 2020)! 2019/12/09

For the flights from 01 JAN to 31 DEC 2020, enjoy 
pre-order 3 items, get 20% off, pre-order 2 items, get 15% off, pre-order 1 items, get 12% off when pre-ordering duty free items via Sky Boutique APP or e-Shopping website! 

Paragon and Emerald members may enjoy 20% off / Gold members may enjoy 15% off shopping inflight when presenting the membership card during the same period (may not be combined with online e-Shopping promotional offers.)

* Promotion Period: for the flights from 01 Jan. to 31 Dec. 2020, effective from date of flight departure from Taiwan.
* May not be combined with onboard discounts or any DFP member/ co-brand card discounts except for the mileage offset program.
* Discounts do not apply to tobacco and specific products.
* China Airlines reserves the right to supply the final merchandise.
* If your pre-order is abnormal due to out-of-stock or other conditions, the checkout amount of the order will be recalculated, and certain products will not offer discounts on board.
* If offers and discounts can no longer apply after the refund, the total price of the purchase order will be recalculated.
*Only available while stocks last.

For the flights from 15 FEB. to 14 MAR.,
over USD 250 get one Kellykiwi suitcase cover(Random colors shipped).

For the flights from 15 MAR. to 15 APR.,
pre-order get one Kellykiwi suitcase cover(Random colors shipped).


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