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1. Please accept our apologies for failed delivery of pre-ordered merchandise due to flight changes, cancellations, bad weather and other force majeure events.
2. To check out the duty-free selections of the month, please visit our e-Shopping service at
3. Online e-Shopping
Departure from Taiwan
Taoyuan/ Songshan/ Taichung/ Kaohsiung airport: 24 hours~14 days before the departure
Tainan airport: 48 hours~14 days before the departure

Departure from any other airports outside of Taiwan
48 hours~14 days before the departure

Departure from Taiwan / any other airports outside of Taiwan
If you need to book with UnionPay card, please complete the reservation process at e-Shopping web page from 72 hours to 14 days before your scheduled takeoff time. UnionPay Card payment is not permitted during 22:30-23:59 Taiwan time (UTC+8).
4. Dynasty Members who pre-order duty-free items online can use their miles to offset part of the payment. (Does not include flights that departure from and arrive in Taichung)

5. Please consult Cabin Crew for the exact payment amount shown on inflight sales system, discount of tabacco and selected items are excluded.  The e-shopping discount cannot be combined with onboard discounts or any DFP member/ co-brand card discounts except for the mileage offset program.

6. As per the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law, China Airlines is obligated to maintain confidentiality in the collection, processing, and use of consumers’ personal information and shall not disclose such information to third parties or use it for other purposes without prior written consent from the consumer. In the event of consumer litigation, both parties agree that Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance.
To protect against the risk of credit card fraud, a flight attendant must verify and write down the credit card holder’s passport number on the credit card transaction slip for every transaction that exceeds USD250 (inclusive). The passport number is written down in this case at the request of the acquiring bank to authenticate the credit card holder’s identity. The Company’s action for passport verification for inflight sales of duty-free goods does not involve collection of personal information, and is outside the scope of regulations from the Personal Information Protection Act.
7. Because of limited capacity in-flight, certain flights do not offer complete selections of duty-free products.  And products shown in pictures are for display purposes, and do not represent actual product sizes.

8. For alcoholic products, please be informed of the regulations regarding importation of duty-free products into the country of interest.

9. We regret that we do not provide packing services on in-flight sales purchases. Some products may have a warranty period. Please refer to the instructions inside the product package for details, and keep warranty with a copy of your receipt for record.

10. Payment 
Currencies accepted in cash transactions include New Taiwan Dollar, US Dollar, Renminbi, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar*, Australian Dollar, and New Zealand Dollar.
    *Only the 2009, 2013 new edition of the USD 100 bill is accepted (the requirement does not apply to 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 dollar bills).
    *Only 1999 or newer editions of the CNY are accepted (including 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 CNY denominations).
    *For Hong Kong Dollar, only 500 dollar or lower denominations are accepted.

Credit Card 
* In-Flight Purchase
Currencies accepted for credit card transactions include TWD and USD. If change cannot be given for cash transactions, passengers are welcome to use credit cards for purchases. National Credit Card Center notice: When using any American Express, UnionPay Card and Taiwan-issued credit cards onboard, the default currency shall be in New Taiwan Dollar. Each transaction is limited to payment from one credit card. In case credit limit has been exceeded, a customer may pay a portion by credit card and a portion by cash. Due to exchange rates, the maximum transaction amount on credit cards shall be determined by the sales system on board. Credit card purchase limit may differ due to exchange rates.
Since in-flight purchases are offline transactions and we cannot obtain authorization code from a customer’s paying bank, the following cards will not be accepted: multi-functional cash advance card and debit card.
* Online e-Shopping
◎Authorization code to the credit card will be obtained online, and the authorized transaction amount will be the amount payable (actual transaction amount to be determined by the in-flight sales system).
◎With the exception of UnionPay Debit Card, credit card will be the only accepted payment method for online reservation of any in-flight duty-free products.
◎When making reservation, please do not use multi-functional cash advance card or debit card (with the exception of UnionPay Debit Card).
◎The original authorized credit card will be required during in-flight transaction. Transaction is only completed and merchandise will be delivered after a face-to-face credit card payment to cabin crew.

Traveler’s Checks
Only USD traveler’s checks issued by American Express are accepted. The largest denomination accepted is USD100.

11. After-sales Service 
Please have your receipts and proof of purchase in order for duty-free product returns, exchanges, and repair warranty services. Within 30 days of purchase, bring the receipts and products with their packaging (including boxes, warranty cards, accessories, complimentary gifts, etc.) for exchanges or returns. Products labeled unreturnable cannot be returned, such as cosmetics, self-care products, perfumes, alcohol, food products and magazines, and returns and exchanges will not be accepted after packaging has been removed (does not apply to defective products).
For any questions, please contact us at, or call us from 08:00~16:30 (Mon-Fri, apart from public holidays) at +886 2 412-9000. (Note: for customers traveling to and from Taichung, please call Mandarin Airlines at +886 2 2717-1188 ext 3611 or 7425, or email to

If offers and discounts can no longer apply after the refund, the total price of the purchase order will be recalculated.

12. Buying information could change without prior notice.

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