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Flight Security Policy

aviation security measures
------ Arrivals -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Local customs allow all duty-free purchases on-board for arriving passengers. It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure that all duty-free items purchased in-flight, meet the duty-free regulations and the security requirements of their destination countries. Passengers with more than one flight involved, we suggest doing your duty-free shopping on the last sector.
------ Transit or Transfer -------------------------------------------------------------------------
1.    過境或轉機中華民國(台灣)的旅客,購買免稅商品單瓶不能超過100毫升,所有液體、膠狀及噴霧類物品容器均應裝於不超過1公升(1000c.c.)且可重複密封之透明塑膠袋。
2.    於台灣、日本(除成田/羽田機場)、義大利等國過境或轉機之旅客,不得隨身攜帶或於機上購買單一容器超過100ml之膠狀、液狀及噴罐類產品,即使使用「安檢袋」包裝亦會遭受當地安檢海關沒收。
3.    於其他地區過境的旅客,如有攜帶或購買液體、膠狀、噴霧類等免稅商品,請向相關人員洽詢有關當地的海關安檢規定。

1.    For passengers transfer or transit at Taiwan (ROC), when purchasing duty free items of liquids, gels or aerosols, each item’s volume should be of not more than 100ml. All containers must be carried in one clear plastic bag. The total capacity of the bag must not exceed 1000cc. 
2.    All passengers of the LAGs (liquids, aerosols, and gels) requirements that passengers are not allowed to carry any LAGs in containers larger than 100 milliliters (including duty-free packed in security tamper evident bag-STEB) to go through transit/transfer screening checkpoint in any Taiwanese, Japanese(except NRT/ HND), Italian airport and etc.
3.    For passengers transferring elsewhere with duty-free items of liquids, gels or aerosols, please consult the local customs for more information.
We endeavor to ensure the above information is kept up to date, but data could change without prior notice.

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