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Choya Premium Umeshu Limited 17% 0.72L

Choya Premium Umeshu Limited 17% 0.72L

Item No.:XA1750

Price: USD 42 / TWD 1300

Other Currencies

  • USD42
  • USV42
  • TWV1300
  • TWD1300
  • NZD62
  • MM242
  • JPY4800
  • HKD329
  • EUR37
  • CNY292
  • AUD58

Description:Price may change and subject to flight date.

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The Choya Extra Years 15% 50ml(with ume fruit)
Item No.:XH2211

While stock lasts.

Product details

Exclusive vintage of the famous traditional liquor, the Choya Premium Umeshu is aged for more than 3 years. It is produced from a kind of "ume" named Nankobai, only cultivated in the Wakayama region, famous for the quality of its fruits.

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