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Dassai 23 Hayata 16% 0.72LPre-Order Only

Dassai 23 Hayata 16% 0.72L

Item No.:XA1760

Price: USD 146 / TWD 4510

Other Currencies

  • USD146
  • TWD4510
  • NZD217
  • JPY16200
  • HKD1150
  • EUR132
  • CNY985
  • AUD208

Description:Price may change and subject to flight date.

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Product details

When we produce Japanese Sake, we usually heat it to exterminate bacteria, unnecessary enzymes and yeast, so that we are able to protect and maintain its quality. However, By heating Sake it is inevitable to lose its freshness slightly. So, by adding special micro bubbles in the sake before heating, we can exterminate those things in much less time than usual. We named the product HAYATA that is the inventor's name in honor of its invention.It has really fresh aroma and flavor. Its fizzy texture is quite unique and enjoyable. Limited to 18 bottles.

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