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4711 Original Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 200mlOnline Exclusive

4711 Original Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 200ml

Item No.:XD2176

Price: USD 40 / TWD 1210

Other Currencies

  • USD40
  • TWD1210
  • NZD62
  • JPY4400
  • HKD311
  • EUR37
  • CNY278
  • AUD60

Product details

For over 223 years 4711 Original Eau de Cologne has kept its promise: the unique scent soothes body, mind and soul. The fragrance is refreshing, revitalising, and calming, depending on the mood.
Bergamot, lemon and orange provide a fresh top note and unmistakably revitalizing experience. Lavender and rosemary have a relaxing effect and soothe the nerves. Precious neroli – extracted from bitter orange blossom – is calming and creates a positive mood.

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