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Kose Sekkeise White Washing Foam Duo set(130g×2)Limited Edition

Kose Sekkeise White Washing Foam Duo set(130g×2)

Item No.:XE2633

Price: USD 32 / TWD 940

Other Currencies

  • USD32
  • TWD940
  • NZD49
  • JPY3400
  • HKD249
  • EUR28
  • CNY219
  • AUD46


Kose Sekkisei White Washing Foam 9.5ml
Item No.:XH2189

While stock lasts.

Product details

Face wash with moist and condensed foam with abundant amount of oriental herbal essence blended in, supporting the regeneration of skin to a snow-like translucent skin.
Compounded with an oriental herb, Ritha tree essence, and palm derived washing ingredient. Fine foam removes old cornified layers containing melanine and dark clog in pores by smoothly washing them away without burdening the skin
Skin feels soft and moist after washing, instead of leaving it stiff. It leads to an extremely translucent skin.

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