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Nailmatic Manicure Essentials - Precious Oil/Hydra

Nailmatic Manicure Essentials - Precious Oil/Hydra

Item No.:XE2824

Price: USD 27 / TWD 780

Other Currencies

  • USD27
  • TWD780
  • NZD39
  • JPY2850
  • HKD210
  • EUR23
  • CNY179
  • AUD37

Product details

The EssentialsPrecious Oil - Nails & Cuticles Care/Hydra Serum - ridged and splitting nails
Do your nails a favour: keep your cuticles supple! Precious oil works a treat with a 97% ingredients of natural origin. And your mani? With such a well-groomed contour, expect flawless, what else…
Infused with sweet almond oil, Precious Oil restores your nails and contours to health and gorgeousness!

True fact: cuticles are exposed to excessive cold, harsh chemicals, gritty sand and salty see (so much for healthy beach holidays…) 
- If your hands look pretty ok, a pre mani pampering won’t hurt. It will eventually prevent any damage. 
- If your cuticles are a bit cracked or dry, it’s time to take mani measures. You don’t want your hands to look neglected, right?

By softening the skin around the nail, Precious Oil enables it to be detached and gently rolled back if need be: 
- 97% natural origin and plant-based ingredients
- Includes Vitamins E and F, which works wonders to repair damaged skin.  
- Light texture, not too greasy
- Soothing action, great results: smooth and glossy nails
- Vegan, cruelty free, paraben free. 
- Pleasant fragrance with notes of lemon. 
By the way, lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties as well as cosmetic benefits.  

What’s the point of cuticules anyway?
Cuticles are not troublemakers, they are there for a vital reason: they are a faithful shield that protects your body from infections and bacterias. That being said, if you have way too much of them, remove some but be careful. You actually need them ladies so please, don’t rip them off: treat them with all due respect. 

Beat ridge and spitting nails 
Hydra Serum packs a healthy cocktail of plant-based actives: 
- Cucumber water: antioxidant, vitamins and minerals bonus
- Glycerin: deeply emollient
- Resurrection plant: (a name that speaks for itself), our secret weapon to holds water (thus hydration) like magic!
- Aloe vera extract: perfect for thirsty nails, amino acids superhero. 

Water-based, vegan, cruelty free
Made with 86% natural origin ingredients
Enriched with trace elements.
Made in France with care.

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