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After-sales Service

Please have your receipts and proof of purchase in order for duty-free product returns, exchanges, and repair warranty services. Within 30 days of purchase, bring the receipts and products with their packaging (including boxes, warranty cards, accessories, complimentary gifts, etc.) for exchanges or returns. Products labeled unreturnable cannot be returned, such as cosmetics, self-care products, perfumes, alcohol, food products and magazines, and returns and exchanges will not be accepted after packaging has been removed (does not apply to defective products).
For any questions, please contact us at, or call us from 08:00~16:30 (Mon-Fri, apart from public holidays) at +886 2 412-9000. (Note: for customers traveling to and from Taichung, please call Mandarin Airlines at +886 2 2717-1188 ext 3611 or 7425, or email to
If offers and discounts can no longer apply after the refund, the total price of the purchase order will be recalculated.

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