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• Duty-free merchandises'  style and free gift may differ from the actual sale. Availability is limited on the plane and changes will not be announced. China Airlines/ Mandarin Airlines reserves the right to supply the final merchandise.
Please note only confirmed reservations are able to use "e-Shopping" pre-order service.
Please note only one online pre-order is allowed per passenger per flight. Multiple pre-orders will cause order cancellation.
Only credit card issued in passenger's name can be accepted for purchase onboard. When reserving goods, each passenger may only use one credit card per flight. The card used to reserve the goods must be the same card when purchasing goods on the plane. To ensure secure transaction, please present the credit card which was used online for in-flight identification. 
According to financial regulation, online e-Shopping payment system accepts credit card payments in New Taiwan dollars only.
Purchase will be charged at the time of pre-order. Online e-Shopping payment system only accepts card payments by UnionPay Card including UnionPay Debit Card, or any credit card that can be verified by 3D Secure. American Express is temporarily not accepted. Please bring the same credit card onboard. When making onboard collections, cash, vouchers, and coupons or gift certificates are not acceptable payment methods.
The e-shopping discount cannot be combined with onboard discounts or any DFP member/ co-brand card discounts except for the mileage offset program.
Discounts do not apply to specific items. 
Please note e-Shopping is available for ordering 24 hours to 14 days prior to your departure from Taoyuan , Kaohsiung Taichuang and  Taipei Songshan airport.  Also, it's available for ordering 48 hours to 14 days ahead of departure from Tainan airport.
If you travel from other than Taiwan, e-Shopping is available for ordering 48 hours to 14 days prior to your flight departure date.
If you need to book with UnionPay card, please complete your online pre-order from 72 hours to 14 days before your scheduled takeoff time. UnionPay Card payment is not permitted during 22:30-23:59 Taiwan time (UTC+8). After the actual transaction is completed onboard the flight, and if the conditions are met at the end of month, the discounted amount will be calculated based on the exchange rate at time of flight, and then converted into TWD to be refunded to passenger's account/bill.
• Kindly note e-Shopping pre-order service is not available for code-shared flights or the flights CI933, CI934, CI601, CI602, CI919, CI920, CI935, CI936, AE1841, AE1842, CI8610 and ect. on specific dates.
If  there is any change to your pre-order's flight reservation data (including flight number, cabin class, flight schedule and passenger name), please remake your pre-order within the time period designated for your flight, and verify your credit card again to receive a new acknowledgment code.
Dynasty Members who pre-order duty-free items can use their miles to offset part of the payment.(Does not include flights that departure from and arrive in Taichung.) Every 1,000 miles equals to USD3. Mileage redemption can be up to 40% of each purchase. The passengers (members) can only redeem themselves mileage to the orders.
Please be aware that once the mileage has been deducted, it will not be credited back if the member returns merchandise or if the final transaction is not completed due to personal reason. However, we will return customer's redeemed mileage only if the incomplete final transaction is due to the flight change, flight cancellation, or order cancellation within the open order timeframe.
To pay the account and collect the Duty Free goods on board, please print out the pre-order details with the latest entry. If the details the member show does not match with the details cabin crews have on hand, the member will no longer be entitled to the discount. In addition, the mileage will not be credited back.
Partial purchase is not accepted onboard.
Please accept our apologies for failed delivery of pre- ordered merchandise due to flight changes, cancellations, bad weather and other force majeure events.
If the item’s volume over 100ml, please doing your duty-free shopping on the last sector.
The sale of alcohol products is based on the local regulation of Tobacco & Alcohol Control and related rules. China Airlines has the right to refuse sale of alcohol to anyone under 18. It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure that all duty-free items purchased in-flight , meet the duty-free regulations and the security requirements of their destination countries. For more details about Taiwan's Inbound Traveler Declaration, please visit website at
For exchange or refund, passengers must produce official receipts and purchased merchandise within 30 days.
If offers and discounts can no longer apply after the refund, the total price of the purchase order will be recalculated.
If you did not complete the transaction onboard, the refund to your account will be processed in about 10 working days.
Buying information could change without prior notice

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