AVML Hindu or Indian Vegetarian Meal. AVML is a combination of spicy vegetables. An VOML can be used in case of being unable to prepare Hindu meal
requested. .
BBML Infant/Baby Food. BBML is available to infants under 24 months and set 1stand 2nd stages (1st stage/0-10 months, 2nd stage/11-24 months) .
BLML Bland/Soft diet for passengers of old age with bad teeth, or suffering from peptic ulcer or heart diseases etc. If a specific needs for liquid food,
use code SPML-liquid diet .
CHML Children Meal. CHML is available to passengers aged 2-12 years old .
DBML Diabetic diet .
FPML Fruit Platter I/O main dish .
GFML Gluten intolerant Meal .
HNML Hindu Meal. No beef and dairy products, dishes prepared with Indian spices .
KSML Kosher Meal. Individually packed .
LCML Low Calorie Meal .
LFML Low Fat Meal .
LSML Low Salt Meal .
MOML Moslem Meal. Strict restriction of pork and its products .
NBML No Beef Meal (CI only) .
NLML Low Lactose Meal .
RVML Raw Vegetarian/Fruit Meal .
SFML Seafood or Fish Meal .
VGML Vegetarian vegan meal .
VLML Vegetarian Meal - Western style .
VOML Vegetarian oriental meal. Chinese Oriental or Asian Vegetarian Meal. No egg, dairy product, garlic, onion, shallot, leeks, and other spicy vegetables .