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Cancel Booking

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This portal is only applied for cancellation of your reservation, refunding tickets is not including. If you need to reuse or refund your ticket, you may be charged for the change or refund fee and the fare difference according to the rules of your ticket.
If you need to refund your ticket, some types of tickets may be refunded the unused tax only according to the rules of your ticket.
You can cancel the entire booking via this portal at least 1 hour prior to the flight departure time for any booking made through all channels. Please note all the passengers in same booking record will be canceled.
Conditions as below are not eligible for on-line cancellation, please contact your travel agency or CI/AE branch offices according to your original booking channel.
  1. Make a partial cancellation of flights or passengers
  2. Group passengers
  3. Bookings include the flights operated by other airlines
  4. Unable to cancel on-line for technical or other reasons