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China Airlines Signs Buckingham Palace Declaration Against Wildlife Trafficking

2017 Jun 06

On June 6, Taipei time, China Airlines Chairman Nuan-hsuan Ho signed the Buckingham Palace Declaration against illegal wildlife trafficking at the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) held in Cancun, Mexico. The move is not only a fulfillment of China Airlines' corporate social responsibilities but also makes the airline the first in Taiwan to make this declaration. In the future, China Airlines will work with more than a score of other airlines around the world to stamp out the transport of illegal wildlife and realize the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Chairman Ho said that as the leader of Taiwan's aviation industry, China Airlines has always spared no effort when it comes to supporting international environmental sustainability initiatives. China Airlines has banned the transportation of shark fin on all flights since December 1, 2014. Absolutely no endangered species may be used in the menus of China Airlines flights, VIP lounges and CAL Group subsidiaries. The signing of the Buckingham Palace Declaration will see China Airlines work more closely with government and airport units. Airlines that have code-sharing agreements with China Airlines on passenger and cargo will also be encouraged to join the ban on illegal wildlife trafficking as well to increase the effectiveness of the Declaration and to boost consumer awareness among passengers and freight companies.

The United for Wildlife (UFW) organization chaired by Prince William began inviting airlines to sign the Buckingham Palace Declaration in March 2016. More than 20 IATA member airlines have now signed the Declaration and made the four following commitments: "Expression and demonstration of agreement to tackle the illegal wildlife trade", "Information sharing and detection", "Practical measures to stop the transportation of illegal wildlife products", and "New mechanisms tackling illegal wildlife trade."

The Buckingham Palace Declaration plays an important part in the IATA's fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Airlines are therefore strongly invited to join in the signing of the Declaration."It is great to see China Airlines committing to join the fight against wildlife traffickers. The illegal wildlife trade threatens the survival of many iconic species, and local communities that depend on nature-based tourism. Airlines can play an important role in helping the authorities stamp out this appalling trade" said IATA's Director General and CEO, Mr. Alexandre de Juniac.