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China Airlines Wins Top Prize Again at 2020 Rose Parade

2020 Jan 02

By the time when China Airlines is celebrating its 60th anniversary, it kicked off the new year by winning "The Best Entry Outside of the U.S." award at the 131st Rose Parade on January 2, 2020. China Airlines adopted the theme "Dreams of Flying, Wings of Hope" and a music box-inspired design to present the unique cultural elements of Taiwan such as Taipei 101, the Taiwan Blue Magpie, and Xiaolongbao to the whole world.

The Rose Parade is one of the top three New Year celebrations in the U.S. and the theme was "The Power of Hope." for 2020.In response, China Airlines made "Dreams of Flying, Wings of Hope" the theme for its 55-foot 18-foot wide and 28-foot high float. The float opened up like a music box to present different cultural aspects and sights of Taiwan including Taipei 101, Daxi spinning tops, Pingxi sky lanterns, Alishan tea, Xiaolongbao, the Taiwan Blue Magpie and the OhBear mascot.

China Airlines has achieved a 28-year winning streak since it first began taking part in the Rose Parade in 1987. This year, China Airlines partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Bureau to once again become the only winning airline.China Airlines strives to promote the indigenous culture of Taiwan. By bringing its unique culture and sights to the international stage, more people around the world can be introduced to Taiwan.