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CAL Adjusts Post-Quarantine Services - “One Tray Hot Meals” Now Available

2020 Jul 6

China Airlines is preparing for the post-quarantine period by continuing to adhere to the regulations issued by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center and making “quarantine prevention” its overriding priority. In-flight catering services are now being adjusted to protect health and safety throughout every journey. Starting from July 6th, “One Tray hot meals” will be served on flights of 3 hours or more departing from or arriving at Taipei. Basic beverage services (such as beer or fruit juice) will also be available on demand when appropriate. “Sandwich box” will continue to be provided for flights of 3 hours or less. Only bottled water will continue to be provided in all cabin classes on return flights on all China and Hong Kong routes.

China Airlines has re-configured existing in-flight meals in accordance with quarantine principles. A policy of “single tray, single main course, no table cloth and no beverage menu” will be adopted for all cabin classes. All cutlery are single-use disposable products.

The “One Tray hot meal” has only one single choice of main course that is usually chicken. To meet traveler needs, China Airlines expects to introduce pork, beef, seafood and vegetarian options for Business Class on flights departing from Taipei in August. Business Class travelers will be able to book from the four different mains online. For flights that serve “One Tray hot meals”, the welcome beverage for Business Class will be also switched from the existing juice served in glasses to bottled “all-natural High Pressure Processing fruit and vegetable juice” in the same month. The change will protect traveler health through better quarantine practices.

China Airlines is maintaining strict quarantine standards as the global pandemic shows little sign of easing. Travelers are advised to avoid touching theirs eyes, nose and mouth during the flight. If you should feel physically unwell, please notify the cabin crew then cooperate with the seating arrangements and hygiene measures. Do not change your seats without permission. Travelers are also advised to wash their hands with soap or hand-wash immediately after using the bathroom to help ensure the safety of everyone aboard the flight.