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China Airlines Livery Aircraft Showcases the Beauty of Taiwan to the World in 2021 Calendar

2020 Nov 11

The new China Airlines 2021 calendar will showcase the diverse peoples and culture of Taiwan on the international stage with “The Beauty of Taiwan, a Shining Star of the World” as its theme. For the first time, the calendar will revisit China Airlines aircraft with Taiwan-themed livery from past years. The cover features the “Mikado Pheasant” livery aircraft rising through the clouds to symbolize the start of an all-new year, and China Airlines lighting up the world with the beauty of Taiwan onboard.

Taiwan has many international accomplishments that it can be proud of. Inside the 2021 calendar are highlights from the partnership between China Airlines and Taiwan over 60 years. The six classic liveries of “Butterfly Orchid”, “Taiwan Blue Magpie”, “Indigenous Tribes of Taiwan”, “Fruit”, “Buddy Bears”, and “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart” are a blend of Taiwan’s unique culture and natural species that introduce people to the diversity of Taiwan while also expressing China Airlines’ strong connections with the land.

For January and February, the elegant Butterfly Orchid represents Taiwan’s fame as the Orchid Kingdom; for March and April, the Formosan Blue Magpie and Tung blossoms serve as complementing motifs that reflect the natural beauty of Taiwan; for May and June, the traditional Hundred Pacer snake totem of the Paiwan people embodies the jewel of multiculturalism; July and August features the seasonal fruits of Taiwan that define the taste of the island; for September and October, the Taiwan Black Bear takes pride of place to express the Taiwanese spirit of perseverance against all odds; for November and December, the end-of-year fireworks over Greater Taipei at night blossom with China Airlines’ hopes and blessings for the new year. Clever design touches were incorporated into the sky and clouds on each page to remind people of how the view beyond the aircraft windows fills them with expectation on each flight. These also reinforce China Airlines’ commitment to continue carrying travelers through the skies in the future.

The China Airlines wall and desktop calendars have always attracted a great deal of public attention and anticipation. They are particularly sought after as collectible souvenirs. The page design and layout of the desktop calendar were revamped this year so that they can be substituted at will for a novel look each day. The size has also been increased over past years with one calendar sheet per month for more writing space. The 2021 China Airlines wall and desktop calendars will be a giveaway only once again. Fans of China Airlines should keep an eye on the China Airlines Facebook fan group or Instagram account. A lucky draw for comment posters will be held to give away 10 limited-edition wall calendars and 10 limited-edition desktop calendars so don’t miss out.