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China Airlines to Host Farewell Party Micro-Trip for the 747 Queen of the Skies on February 6(Event Postponed)

2021 Jan 03

China Airlines began retiring its 747-400 passenger aircraft this year. A special “747 Queen of the Skies Farewell Party” one-day micro-trip is now being organized for February 6 for the 747’s legions of fans. The package will include an exclusive ground tour of the aircraft and aerial views of Mt. Fuji in Japan. The 350 seats available will go on sale through the KKday travel platform at 10 a.m. on January 6. People wishing to see the “Queen of the Skies” one last time should not miss out on this opportunity.

The final flight will be flown by China Airlines 747-400 passenger aircraft with tail number B-18215. This was the last aircraft to be produced and delivered to China Airlines by Boeing in April, 2005. The micro-trip will have the flight number CI-2747 to commemorate its final journey before retirement. Travelers will be able to enjoy the local Japanese cuisine of Shizuoka such as eel rice during the flight. They will also receive a special China Airlines 747 gift pack and Japanese souvenirs supplied by the Shizuoka office. The 747 gift pack will include a limited-edition “Farewell Party” model aircraft, embossed face mask, tail wing key-ring, canvas bag, commemorative flying certificate, and China Airlines navy blue amenities kit. Lucky travelers will also have the chance to receive a Mt. Fuji glass and exclusive 747 liveried model.

The China Airlines “747 Queen of the Skies Farewell Party” one-day micro-trip will open for check-in at 07:47 on February 6. Travelers will be welcomed by a unique departure gate event before touring all of the 747 cabins to take photos. The flight will then depart from Taoyuan Airport at 11:30, fly to Japan and circle over Mt. Fuji before returning. Flight duration is expected to be 5 hours and 40 minutes, and the aircraft will arrive back at Taoyuan Airport at 17:10. A 20% discount will apply on pre-ordered duty-free goods. Purchases of USD 250 or more will also receive a complimentary luggage cover. The price for Business Class is TWD 9,747 (1F)/TWD 10,747 (2F), and for Economy Class is TWD 7,470. For more information, please visit: https://www.china-airlines.com/tw/zh/discover/promotion/current-offer/747farewellparty

The first 747 passenger aircraft was introduced by China Airlines 46 years ago in 1975. For more than half a century, the 747 has been one of the most important aircraft types in history. Many China Airlines travelers have fond memories of flying aboard the 747 and the unique placement of its Business Class on the upper deck (2F) was popular with travelers as well. The four 747-400 passenger aircraft currently in service with China Airlines are being progressively retired and are no longer flown on regular routes. 747 fans wishing to accompany the Queen of the Skies on her final journey should not miss out.