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China Airlines Website Launches “Flysafe Information & Service” One-Stop Service Platform

2021 Jul 06

China Airlines has upgraded its traveler service yet again by introducing the “Flysafe Information & Service” section on its corporate website. Services such as quarantine hotel and pick-up reservations, information on hospitals that offer PCR testing, Wi-Fi router rental, and the immigration restrictions of each country are now integrated on one platform. All pandemic prevention information and services as well as bookings for quarantine accommodation, taxi and PCR testing can now be accomplished with the touch of a button.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, China Airlines quickly added the “Novel Coronavirus Service Information” section to provide flight updates and traveler information. A “Flysafe Information & Service” section in both Chinese and English has now been set up for the post-COVID-19 era, providing premium value-added services in addition to flight services. China Airlines has now formed partnerships with vendors such as AsiaYo hotel bookings, Airportcar, Tripool, Jetfi and hotels. Travelers viewing the “Flysafe Information & Service” website can jump straight to the websites of merchant partners to book quarantine hotels in Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Canada, as well as book quarantine taxis and rent Wi-Fi routers in Taiwan. China Airlines has arranged with hospitals in Taiwan, Vietnam and the U.K. to offer PCR testing services at partner hospitals. Travelers can simply enter their CAL ticket number and go through the validation process to access the hospital website and fill out a reservation. Such services help make travel easier and provide travelers with peace of mind for their journey.

China Airlines continues to improve its processes for pandemic prevention and promote “non-contact traveler” online check-in and self-service luggage check-in services. Self-service boarding based on facial recognition technology is now being progressively rolled out at the San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York, Taipei (Songshan) and other airports around the world as the equipment becomes available. China Airlines continues to pay close attention to developments with digitized health platforms. The Affinidi digital health verification platform is now being trialed on flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to Taiwan. The digital verification of PCR test reports simplifies the boarding process and helps departing travelers clear Immigration more quickly.

Travelers can store their PCR report on their mobile phone. The ground crew then scans the QR digital verification code using the Affinidi platform to instantly verify the traveler’s health information. Check-in efficiency is enhanced by reducing the amount of manual inspection at the airport. China Airlines continues to develop non-contact services and is working closely with international aviation organizations such as the IATA as well as digital health verification platforms. A decision on whether to introduce similar services on other routes will be made based on the results of the trial run. China Airlines continue to focus on pandemic prevention, while providing our passengers with a safe and efficient travel experience.

Flysafe Information & Service:https://news.china-airlines.com/bvct/immigration?country=us&locale=en