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China Airlines Introduces New Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System for 737 Cabins

2021 Nov 22

China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, announced on Nov 22 the introduction of the all new Fantasy Sky Wireless Entertainment System for its Boeing 737-800 fleet. The system is currently in trial-run mode and will officially launch in 2022. Travelers can now use their personal smart devices to enjoy a wide range of multimedia streaming services in-flight. The reduced contact during the current epidemic also provides greater peace of mind.

While preparing for the post-pandemic era, China Airlines has become the first airline in Taiwan to introduce “in-flight wireless streaming services.” Once our aircraft has reached 10,000 feet, passengers can use their personal smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets to connect to the aircraft network. Logging into the network provides access to free video-on-demand services for Hollywood blockbusters, selected Japanese and Korean films, or popular music selections. They can also browse in-flight publications such as the Dynasty magazine and Sky Boutique Duty-Free Shopping, or use the interactive interface to check flight information and real-time status.

Staying at pace with the latest technological advances, China Airlines continues to upgrade its cabin offerings and to provide travelers with a rich selection of quality services. The latest introduction of popular streaming services caters to the everyday habits of travelers and their demand for AVOD services. At the same time, it helps to reduce contact inside the cabin, which enhances our epidemic prevention efforts. For an optimal audio-visual experience, travelers should bring their own headphones and smart devices.